Monthly Archives: February 2014

Love is in the Air…

14th February is just around the corner and one can definitely sense the invigorating effect in the air. Some might not agree with the concept and some may be preparing to surprise their Valentine with little hearts in their eyes.

London is a popular spot for such occasions since it has all the ingredients to offer in order to make that one special day standout in the mass of memories. If you’re thinking to spend the day in the capital there is a huge selection of Valentine’s Day events and offers to look into. You’ll be spoilt with choice in terms of accommodation as budget hotels in Central London are offering reasonable prices with a five star service to mark the day. Valentines celebrations will be a special affair with complimentary wine and chocolates so you may cherish a quiet moment in a tranquil and cosy atmosphere. Enjoy a delectable complimentary breakfast the following morning to embrace another romantic day in the land of love.

For those who want to give their love life a kick, dance to the beat and party the night away in Piccadilly Circus and Victoria clubs. And if you prefer to be amused slightly in a composed setting, London museums are offering late night entertainment for couples and families rejoicing the day.

If you’re staying in hotels near Victoria, spend Valentine’s evening watching an idealistic show in theaters near Victoria Station. Take a romantic walk back to your hotel room under the moonlight in the crispy London weather.

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