Monthly Archives: March 2014

A Special Sunday

Mother’s Day is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world. By visiting history we get to know that Mother’s Day first beganin the early 20th century in Unites States. Since then motherhood is being officially honoured annually.

They say a man’s first love is his mother. 30th March 2014 is the perfect excuse to pamper her. She definitely deserves the best, so have you planned something unique for her yet? Well here are few quick suggestions if you’re planning to mark the day in London.

If she loves shopping, Oxford Street, Regent Street and Victoria Place Shopping Centre are the best spots to visit. If she’s into arts Pimlico Picture Gallery and Turkmen Gallery have got plenty of things to please her. And if she agrees with Marilyn Monroe, ‘…Diamond is a girl’s best friend’, Victoria Area has an answer to that as Gold Centre, and Goldsmiths are just a stone throwaway from the Victoria Station.

Ever consider a cruise ride on River Thames? Or enjoying a bubbling campaign on the London Eye? If not here’s your chance. London Eye is celebrating Mother’s Day this year. Tell her ‘She is Special’.

Feel free to dedicate this blog to all the Mothers through various social media platforms. Or simply share a note to your mum in the comment box below. Here’s to every single Mother out there, we appreciate, respect and admire you all.

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