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Three Iconic London Parks to Visit This Summer

Hyde Park is considered one of Europe’s famous parks, a place to play, attend concerts and exhibitions or just relax in the presence of hundreds of beautiful flowers. Spring has eternally rest its wings in this place covering 625 acres of land.

One of the other reasons which make Hyde Park unique is the ‘Speakers Corner’ where thousands of people gather every Sunday and speak on any topic under the sun, and yes they get away with it.

Hyde Park London
Bed of Flowers in Summer 2014 at Hyde Park London

Few of many other sites of interest in Hyde Park is the Princess Diana Memorial situated in the South of Serpentine. It is an oval stone ring fountain which opened on 6th July 2004. If you are a fan of Princess Diana this place is a ‘Must Go’ during your visit to London. If you want to grab something to eat after experiencing an exotic journey; why not try out the world’s first Hard Rock Café near Hyde Park Corner, 9. Another park which contributes to a serene London is Regents Park London. It is the most beautiful park which is constantly maintained throughout the year. Regents Park has a bed of roses and all types of flowers celebrating all seasons. The London Zoo is located within the park’s premises so you get a double treat there!

Spring continues to blossom at St. James’s Park, walking distance from the Victoria tube/rail/bus stations. Also visit Buckingham Palace, located opposite to the park. St. James’s Park is one of London’s 8 Royal Parks and is a real treat to the eyes and soul.


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