Luminous Skies of London on Bonfire Night

Luminous November enters with a ‘BANG’, a display of fireworks around London to mark Bonfire Night on the 5th night. The fire-themed evening of entertainment shows beautiful colours, also called ‘Guy Fawkes’. It refers to the historical event happened back in 1605, when a Catholic conspirator Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament and King James I.

On the brightest night of London the view is not something to miss. The colourful event gives a great view of London by illuminating the sky with splendid colours and wonderful lights.

The blazing bonfires and fizzing fireworks displays will take place at different venues around London. The Bishops Park, Alexander Palace, Wimbledon Park and the Crystal Palace Park are a few to name.

The event is a part of two weeks festival and starts even before its official date and ends after few days. If you want a good view don’t forget to book tickets in advance!

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