Things to do in London!


London is considered to be a hub for all the business and entertainment activities. There are many places in London which are worth seeing.

MANOR HOUSE:  The East bury Manor House which is situated in London Borough of Barking. It is a historical building where the gun powder plot was first conceived in 18th century and probably it was the first brick built building in the area at that time.

THE BATTLE OF BARNETT:  The battle of Barnet is located at the London Borough of Barnet. Again it is a very historical place where the war of roses which is one of the most significant battles was fought.

THE RED HOUSE:  Another wonderful place to visit in London is Red House which is internationally known and located in Bexleyheath. It was designed for William Morris who was the founder of Arts by his friend Philip Webb.

THE NEASDEN TEMPLE:  BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, which is also known as Neasden Temple, situated in North West London. It is a popularly known Hindu traditional temple where they worship, learn and do the community service.

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